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BY ADMIN / august 16, 2022

Home means safety, security, and stability. It will offer you great comfort when you are with your loved ones. It will end your worries over rent and finding rental homes now and then. If you are building a home for you and your family, you need to entrust the process with people who have experience and expertise. You have to choose the best architects and architectural firms to help you realise your dream home. We will provide you with some questions you need to ask them before choosing them for the job. These questions will help you find the ones that will stay by your side to make your dream come true.


Asking for references is a recommended question that you need to ask before you hire your architect. Ask about past clients, projects, and contractors they’ve worked with, and follow up on the references to confirm that the architect is from a dependable firm, which will spare you from troubles later on. By finding the right architect you will be more confident about the project.

How can you Help Your Architect?

Some architectural firms will welcome your help if you are ready to offer them. Make sure what you can do to help your architect in the process, communicate with them properly and provide the necessary help. This will help you build up the project along the right path. Understand the timeline and workflow of the project so that you will be able to anticipate certain help needed by the architectural firm.

Fee Structure and Expected Costs

Ask for a detailed estimate of the fee structure and expected costs of the architectural firm for your project. Make sure they provide everything you need in the budget that you have. There may be additional charges popping up, ensuring that your architect informs you about that beforehand and doesn’t charge you unnecessarily.

Issues, Considerations, and Challenges

Your architect will have a clear insight about construction, city approvals, and design challenges that you have no idea about, ask them for such details and be aware of such important issues, considerations, and challenges. Ensure that the firm has got ideas or solutions to the problems that may arise along the way.


Knowing whether the firm is insured is important. This will be helpful to make sure they are professional and know how the whole thing works. In case of any errors or mistakes, which can happen to anyone, as they are insured, they will be able to pay the client without that affecting the firm completely. It is also a good idea to ask if they have any open claims against them. Complaints like that mean they were careless and unprofessional earlier.

Environmental Impact

Sustainable buildings are the need of the hour. Make sure you ask enough questions about the sustainability practices the architect and architectural firm follows. Check their previous works to find out how sustainable they are. Share the ideas you have with them to make your project more sustainable.