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Having a home is a dream for many, it’s like a long waited wish being granted. The joy of finally having a roof over your head, one that will be your abode filled with love and happiness for the future to come. But we here at Brilliant interior know that it is easier said than done. A lot of stuff happens in the background and in the long run of the successful journey we have witnessed everything and solved all the problems that our customers had, we are here to clear all of your doubts. When it comes to homes, there is a lot of factors we should keep in mind from the space utilization to the accessibility to the functional elements and other design elements and the scope for future expansion. Whether it be renovating your existing space or starting from scratch, we provide all services. Our team of well-crafted designers, engineers, and craftsmen are all ears when it comes to the queries that our clients have. Be it small or large we are always here to hear you out and design a space that matches the ideal home that you have in your mind. We provide a virtual rendering of the space to show, to see if the rendered output is what you have in mind, if not we will change it till we get the concept right. For us what made us into the best home interior designers in kochi,Kerala is our sheer commitment to a project and our openness to customer feedback.

Modern home interior designers in kerala

The living room of a house with Gorgeous wall arts


Wall Decors are the best way to add a special theme and unique theme to your space and cover up smudges and other dirt marks in a cost-effective way. Wall decors can be customized to the need of the client and come in various shapes and sizes.

beautiful interior lamination of a house


On a tight budget, but want wood in your home? Then lamination is the way to. With the latest lamination standards and techniques in use, the finished product will look and feel like real wood and would leave the spectators in awe.

The interior painting enhances the beauty of a home's interior


When it comes to painting, in order to achieve the final result you need the help of professionals. If not the finished paintwork won’t be uniform and will be an eyesore and won’t be aesthetically pleasing. With our craftsmen, precision and fit and finish are guaranteed always.

Attractive furniture to enhance the interior beauty of homes


What completes a house is the furniture. The furniture you use will be your style statement, they will do all the talking for you. So it is of vital importance that you choose furniture that matches the space and the other design elements. You never want to fill a room with too much furniture or too little, there is a fine balance when it comes to the quantity and we know the magic number.

Will illuminated home interior with beautiful ambiance


Having the perfect set of lighting is important, both natural and artificial light sources. We will design the space in such a way that the design of the space makes use of the natural light and also the artificial light sources would be placed in such a way that it works with giving out minimum glare and eye strain but at the same time providing enough brightness.

Interior of a house with gorgeous shelves and furniture


Not everyone has a lot of space to work with, so making the proper use of every nook and corner is of utmost importance. One of the ways we can make use of proper space utilization is by using furniture that has storage spaces built into them and also wood wall decors that can act as an accessory and as a storage unit.



There is no need to drive around multiple stores in the current times. We have a digital portfolio of all the needed furniture, which you can browse from our office.

All the above-mentioned ones would solely depend on the theme you want and also on your budget. Make sure the flooring matches the overall theme of your space.

It all depends on the tenants, ask your family members which colors they prefer, the color tone, the color palettes, and so on. We will also show you how different colors would look in your space.