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Healthcare Interior Designers in Kerala

How important is the medical interior? Most people won’t give much thought to this matter, as the doctors and the medical resources matter more. But, no medical and healthcare interiors also play a positive role. Having a proper design and color tone that is not too bright or dim can hugely affect the atmosphere. Having a place where people can socialize and get to know each other is also important as it will help them in difficult times. Having that is lightweight and with proper cushioning can help the patients to move them around easily and give them the needed support when they rest. The design concept should focus more on the functional element than the style, as the occupants will be using various medical equipment and drawers all the time, so making it easy for them to access should be high among the priority list. The most important thing to keep in mind is the fabric or the upholstery. Make sure to choose something that is rated for medical environment use, one that doesn’t trap and house bacteria and viruses and maximum use of daylight should be used with proper window positions. The reception area should be a palace that provides warmth to the visitors, therefore the appropriate use of colors that lift up the mood is essential, wall decors with positive quotes are always an additional benefit.

A healthcare facility with a practical design and good lighting

The various areas in a healthcare facility must be developed keeping certain things in mind and therefore a lot of planning has to go into, Like the clinic interior has to be built with keeping the equipment in mind and the proper use of the space. All the equipment should be at a reachable distance and too far away and furniture must be maneuverable and proper lighting should be there. The waiting room must feel fresh all the time with appropriate wall decors and lighting, the seats should provide ample amount of cushioning and thigh support for the senior citizens and other accessories such as water, tissue paper, clipboards everything arranged in a place that is easy to access. The storeroom for the medicines must be designed so that it allows for a natural flow of air in and out, provide the right temperature, and storing cabinets and modular storage space for keeping all the needed items in excess in case of an emergency need. The storage room should be separated and it should never be combined with the storeroom for day-to-day activities. Everything that is needed from gloves to scissors to medicines should always be in stock and close to the clinic room. If there are multiple small clinics in the center then the storeroom should be made in a place that is easy to access from all the clinics without costing too much time, as every second gain is an added advantage in the healthcare environment.

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Interior design is an important factor in healthcare as the proper use of colors would help in lifting the mood of the patients, providing a proper atmosphere for recovery, and the placement of rooms and equipment should be in such a way that they are easy to access.

Decorating a clinic is all about the base plan. Firstly, the base plan would determine all the needed sections of the clinic, their size, and how close they are to others. Space utilization is important along with equipment integration.

The ease of access and functional aspect must be given priority while designing a medical clinic. All the needed items must be easily accessible at all times and there must be a proper inventory as well.

Maximum usage of the available space, bringing the ideas and needs of the customer, and staying within the budget range are the important things to keep in mind while designing a space.