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Office Interior Designers in Kochi,Kerala

Be it a startup or an already established service, be it starting from scratch or renovation, we have all the services under one roof. It doesn’t matter what your area is, whether it is for business purposes in the I.T field or a hotel or library or a shopping mall we have all the resources to make your dream space come to life. Our team of handpicked staff will guide you through the entire from start to finish, will provide you with a virtual base plan which will enable you to see how everything would like once it finished, giving you the opportunity to go through everything inside out and make any necessary changes before we move to the actual final step that is the building process in real life. When it comes to commercial interior designing utilization of the available space and safety are the two main points of concern at the same time being modern and functional. Before starting with the base plan it is of vital importance to know the people at the space are going to work, are they going to move around a lot or be in a spot for most of the time, so effective communication between the designer and the client is needed. Whatever your need be, contact us as we got what you need, the skill, and the resources.

A commercial interior with good spacing and excellent lighting

Various commercial spaces have various uses depending on the users, but the main idea is to always keep it versatile. The choice of color is really important as commercial spaces are a palace of creativity and productivity, so the colors should be warm and bright. A space should be designed keeping the future in mind because as you are expanding your needs and the department will also increase in number and having a space that can be easily upgraded is always a boon. The next thing to keep in mind is the seamless technology implementation for the computer systems, sensors, biometrics, telephone lines and without compromising on the design element. Always keep the interior properly furnished as having a proper fit and finish will only increase the atmosphere of the space. Having a personal space like a cafeteria or a small game room can go a long way, as it would give everyone in the space a sense of belonging, for them it would feel like their second home. We must do all this without compromising on safety, as commercial spaces house a lot of people and there should be a proper exit in case of an emergency, there should be fire extinguishers placed at regular intervals and fire sensors, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and all other modern sensors should be there. One of the latest trends in office interioir is the incorporation of greenery, aiming toward a unification of ecology and man-made space. Having greenery around you and inside the office is always welcoming, as there will be fresh air and the positivity that the indoor plants provide.

Our Office Interior Design Projects


Designing an office would require having a sit-down conversation with the client. All aspects have to be discussed from how much space is available, are there going to be cabins, conference room and so on.

We absolutely love client involvement. After all, it is your space, you are the deciding factor, we are all ears and never pressure anything on our customers.

The elements that define our style are solely based on each project's requirements. Some spaces are traditional, some modern, and some a mix of both. We adapt to the client's requirements.

All our products are of top quality and we never compromise on the fit and finish. We make sure that all our products are of international standards and would help your office space stand out.

We use Calibrated 710 Gurgaon imported plywood and BWR 303 plywood.

The upholstery fabric would include cotton, linen, wool, leather, acetate, hemp, silk, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, rayon, and nylon. Depending on the user, we would provide the needed material.