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BY ADMIN / september 09, 2022

Healthcare environments need to be sophisticated yet simple despite the complex nature of a hospital. It should be designed in such a way as to address many functions for a variety of users, including patients, families and staff. We should choose design elements that will have a positive impact on people within the hospital. In this article, we have collected some of the elements for the perfect hospital design.


The architecture of the whole hospital and premises should be in a seamless manner to help patients, families and staff to move around quickly and without getting lost. It should meet all the requirements of doctors, staff, patients and their families. It should be designed in such a way as to improve patient outcomes and prevent the spread of infections. The architecture and design should make sure all the areas of the hospital are accessible to the patients.

Welcoming Design

The entrance area design of any building is essential and this is also true in the case of a hospital. It should give an idea about the visual and cultural ethos of the hospital. It should create a calming and welcoming aesthetic for the patients and make them hopeful, you can use artwork and quotes for this.

Internal Wayfinding

A first-time visitor should be able to find their way through the hospital and to aid them in this you can use maps, boards and arrows wherever necessary. Multiple lifts and escalators will also help in the easy movement of patients through the hospital. The signs used in the hospital should blend with the design.

Waiting Area

A waiting area is a place where people wait for results and the outcomes of the surgery of their loved ones or simply wait for a consultation, this will make it the most stressful part of a hospital. To make the stress go away from the people you can make a few adjustments to the place like providing expansive views, windows for daylight, artwork and beautiful furniture.

Pleasant Environment

A well-designed space will benefit both staff and patients alike. It is a common phenomenon observed in the hospitals, that only the lobbies and waiting areas will be designed pleasantly and much importance is not given to the clinical areas. Imaging suites, procedure rooms and blood-draw stations where the patients will be mostly conscious should be filled with natural light and positive distractions like art. It will create a calming and healing environment.

Healthy Building

Providing clean and filtered air and offering access to outside experiences without the immune system being compromised will help the patients to heal better. And a hospital should be able to capture and store excess heat, rain and wind for further usage.

Personalisation and Choice

Personalisation is done rarely in a hospital, but it is a much-needed and welcoming change. Personalisation can positively impact the healing of a patient. The patients will also feel some control over all the confusion and worries during their hospital stay.