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BY ADMIN / august 16, 2022

Are you planning to decorate your new home and looking for a different style and unique design? There are a wide variety of interior design styles that is time and again proven to elevate the feeling of cosiness in any house. You can study these interior design styles and seek thematic inspiration from them to curate the style of your home. A perfect home can be designed to your taste with the help of experienced and professional interior designers. But finding your taste before finding the best interior designers is also important. We will help you in that journey of finding your taste and comfort design.

Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary is often confused with modern style. Contemporary design has this feel of flow in it, the style flows through the accessories, furniture, and floors. Open space and natural light add to the appeal of contemporary style. Visual interest is led with the help of materials rather than with colours. Soft edges and clean lines are the trademarks of furniture. Shades of a similar colour palette are used to bring depth and variety.

Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic brings a variety of styles and periods to your home through design and decor. This can be the perfect way to showcase your aesthetic sense, but there is a risk of it all looking like a mess. With the help of a well-experienced interior designer, you can find harmony in it through scale, proportion and composition. Individual pieces in different styles and designs will be mixed and matched to form the perfect accessories for this interior design.

Traditional Interior Design Style

Traditional style decor is defined by balance and symmetry. It can provide a feeling of warmth and comfort. A sense of order and familiarity is reflected in the house. Signature elements of such a design style are its use of fabrics, liberal uses of vases, candle stands, bowls, accent pieces, sculptures and mirrors, and all these accessories will be used in pairs to maintain balance and symmetry. Wood with darker and richer tones is used to give an elegant and luxurious look. The preferred colour palette is neutral including colours like beige, cream, taupe and tan.

Modern Interior Design Style

In modern interior design style, asymmetry is celebrated and clean lines are in their essence. Less use of accessories gives a sense of space and makes the house look larger. Chrome, glass and concrete materials are used for furniture and floor. Pure colours are often used, and bright shades are sometimes used as base tones or accent elements.

Minimalist Interior Design Style

It will have minimum furniture and accessories; each piece will be given its own space, ensuring an abundance of space in your home. Furniture set up only needs essential pieces and white colour is predominantly used. The fabrics used will be solid and subdued in colour. Bright colours are rarely introduced as accents. In minimalist style, less is more and this will enrich your life.